Saturday, February 20, 2010

Russian Women & Panty Hose

Let me just start out by saying, I hate tights. -23 degrees and below is the only condition in which I torture my body into the endevour of wearing this article of clothing I like the least.
Now I know most of you will not agree with me, and most likely have a great number of reasons why tights are actually pretty amazing. And although I completely disagree with you, I would still like to point out something that over the years has made me very annoyed. Russian women and their panty hose.
I took this photo last summer (2009) in St. Petersburg, Russia, when (!) it was 65 degrees outside! Russian women and tights are inseparable. There is no separation…it is a staple in every women’s closet. Under their jeans, with every skirt, every dress, rain or sun, cold or hot. Panty hose. Tights. Its disgusting! Let me explain my anger and end this monologue of complaint. My grandmother says, “any woman who wears a skirt without tights can presumably be considered promiscuous.” Russian women and their panty hose.
I welcome any and all opinions!

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