Thursday, November 4, 2010

Here and Now: Denis Simachev, the object of my fashion obsession....
The Russian designer takes inspiration from none other than Soviet era icons, cartoons, and
Karlson...the one who lives on the roof. Juxtaposing fluorescent colors, block letters with
obscene commentary, and that famous Olympic Bear...Simachev begs for nostalgia...or not?


  1. I dont think he knows who Karlson is.It is less complicated than that,he just dose not have a good taste in fashion.

  2. Please see Karlson image in #37. I agree with you on some seems that this is a reinterpretation/pirating of the trendy "Disney" t-shirts of the last couple of years. Simachev is "Russianizing" that trend...or at least, it seems like it.

  3. neon disco meets indie meets elegant - go Russia, it has been time to show some individualism and mix styles!!!love it!!!