Monday, September 26, 2011

The Camellia turns green...Chanel Fall/Winter collection

"I’d rather go naked than wear fake Chanel”...said Karl Lagerfeld in Harper's Bazaar 2007 Summer issue. Directly referencing Courtney Love’s literal counterfeit faux pas of that year, Lagerfeld eventually and publicly granted Love forgiveness for her deadly fashion sin.

In a quite lengthy conversation with two very fashionable Chicago working girls this weekend, I found it evident that Chicago women still consider Chanel the premier marker of classic and authoritative taste. Is this why some insist on wearing fake Chanel? Chicago boasts one of thirty Chanel boutiques in North America...a good reason why no one should wear a fake. But while for most the prices seem far out-of-pocket, our city has a true gem for the fashion loving and the budget minded.

The place to steal a Chanel deal:
Leslie Hindman Auctioneers
The Midwest's premier Auction House, LHA holds one of their most popular auctions frequently: Vintage Couture & Accessories. At a fraction of the retail price, a truly eager individual can find anything from Chanel handbags, camellia pins, costume jewelry, tweed jackets, and luscious skirt suits. DO IT, GO THERE! The next upcoming auction is in December and attendance is free. L & N will be attending...let us know if you're interested in a group outing!


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