Monday, March 26, 2012

Cucinelli + Rush = Womp Womp


Wondering who is replacing the long list of small shops on Rush across from that 'Viagra Triangle' Starbucks? (You know..same place with the matte orange Lambo, whose owner sits at Le Colonial every week?)

Brunello Cucinelli is setting up shop on our favorite street...literally.

Known for his pioneering dyed cashmere, the lavish Perugian designer makes his mark on Italian fine quality garments and exceptional men's suiting...and is bringing it closer to us urbanites. (In case you couldn't find the local Neiman Marcus!)

What does this mean for you = $$$$$ out your wallet!
No surprise, considering Hermès is right down the street. :) Happy Shopping!

(Set to open April 2012)

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