Friday, March 2, 2012

Taking Flight at the Aviary...

(photo credit: Chicago Magazine)

Last night my bestest took me out for a birthday night cap at the Aviary...Chicago's new and most talked-about cocktail lounge...the little brother of NEXT, Grant Achatz's acclaimed restaurant phenomenon (read my take on NEXT on

In a few words, the Aviary was...EVERYTHING I imagined it to be...dim lit interior, intimate couch seating clad with plush pillows and small tea lights, sharp but friendly staff, and impeccable service. By 11:30pm, there was virtually no open seating and yet the atmosphere was calm, cool, and collected.

Immediately upon arrival and seating, we were greeted by our first service staff member and a sample of 'hot apple cider', compliments of the chef. I have arrived....I thought :)

In fact, a number of service staff approached our table through out the evening: 1) who brought us the apple cider 2) who brought us the menu and took our order 3) who brought us black felt coasters 4) the mixologist who brought us our cocktails 5) the lovely lady that brought us our check and 6) the other lovely lady who bid farewell.

And finally WHAT we ordered- I will NOT go into detail here, as I think everyone MUST visit the Aviary and try these deliciously surprising concoctions on their own:

'2 in 1' (White Lady + Negroni + Gin)

'Light Guard' (Pineapple Ice Cubes, Sherry, Cognac)

'Set of Three Bites' ( Bacon Dates, Guacamole, Huckelberry Marshmallow)

'Bowl of Chips' (8 different kinds, including coffee and pork rind)

955 West Fulton Market
Chicago, IL 60607
(312) 226-0868

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