Thursday, April 12, 2012

100 Essentials for Women: 51-75!

100 Chic Essentials for Women...Continued:

51. at least 2 choices of perfume: 1 for the day, 1 for special occasions
52. a pocket vanity
53. go-to manicurist
54. hair stylist with a personal relationship
55. favorite flower (my own: dark calla lily)
56. white dress
57. 3 weeks worth of panties...or more!
58. a favorite cocktail (my own: french martini!)
59. a tried and true eyeliner and mascara (i.e. Giorgio Armani's Eyes to Kill, $30)
60. lint roller & static remover
61. the ability to iron a man's shirt
62. correctly using a knife and fork..for when you meet the parents
63. a recipe you can make 100%, all the time
64. headwear for a horse race
65. floral dress
66. a classic wallet
67. aviator sunglasses-because they look good on everyone (i.e. Ray-Ban, $195)
68. skirt suit
69. black crisp work pants
70. an everyday dainty necklace
71. a fast drying top coat-Sally Hansen Diamond Flash Topcoat!
72. special occasion handbag to pass down to the children
73. a weekend bag for overnight stays and weekend getaways (i.e. Longchamp's le Pliage, $155)
74. a pair of brown oxfords
75. an extra large umbrella with a wooden handle

Stay tuned for the LAST 25 this weekend!

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