Friday, April 6, 2012

My list for 100 Essentials for Women!

Inspired by Gilt's GiltMANual and GQ's 100 aimed at the gentlemen, we're rolling out our first 25 chic essentials for women: (yay!)

1. A sharp LBD...or 5?
2. Go-to red nailpolish
3. A striped button down collared shirt
4. Evening clutch
5. a pair of classic studs
6. 5 days worth of sheer black tights
7. mini skirt
8. crimson lipstick
9. vixen red dress
10. black blazer
11. jean jacket (best and affordable from F21!)
12. Chanel lip gloss
13. favorite luxury car
14. duster bags for shoes/handbags
15. lingerie storage bags
16. a pair of patent leather black pumps
17. a pair of nude pumps
18. over-the-knee boots
19. a string of prep pearls
20. oversized cocktail ring
21. Kate Spade's Book on Manners
22. good round brush
23. ceramic hair straightener
24. quality facial moisturizer
25. plaid shirt (the most comfortably chic from Aritzia by TNA!)

Stay tuned for the next 25 unveiled this weekend!!


  1. hhhmmmmm..... #13 have anything specific in mind?

  2. Found a hot one for #9-

  3. ahhh that is hot!!! we need one

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