Thursday, June 14, 2012

St. Petersburg Awaits...

What to look forward to in the city of White Nights this Summer...;)
(can't wait to see my beautiful birthplace next week!)

White Nights: the actual white night phenomenon, usually spans mid-June to July. Because of St. Petersburg's northern most point on the continent (roughly the same latitude as Norway and Alaska), the city does not see the sky grow dark, because the sun does not descend below the horizon enough to dim the day light. One of the most beautiful summers in the world is in St. Petersburg, where the city truly never sleeps and the atmosphere is ideal for romance ;)

Rodin: From St. Petersburg to Moscow
An exhibition at the Peter & Paul Fortress, featuring works such as The Kiss (seen below), 
has been put together by Patrick Carpentier and will open June 15th.

      (image courtesy of

Summer Gardens: The royal summer sculptural gardens have finally reopened this month, after two years of on-going restorations and reconstruction. The $74 million dollar project boasts renovated sculptures, refreshened and reconstructed greenery and landscaping, and the restoration of Peter's Tea and Coffee Houses. One of the most beautiful sites in Russia itself, the Summer Gardens are the urban oasis for Petersburgians. 

Parting of the Bridges: Since Petersburg is home to a large number of canals and the large Neva River, the city also features over sixty monumental bridges, that are truly architectural landmarks in the heart of Russia. These bridges, which part every night to let vessels pass, are a remarkable sight which many tourists and locals stay up late to admire. A directory of bridges parting can be found in every tourist stop around the city, and staying up until 2am is very well worth it!  

(more to come soon and from my trip!)***

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