Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A note about Family...

Family. These last two weeks this seems to be the topic of conversations surrounding me. What does family look it blood related individuals who we do not choose to be a part of our lives? Is it a group of close people that you do in fact choose, based on your own personality and compatibility? How does your perception of your own family change over time? On what line of your priority list does family important is it? Can you create a family? Do you need it? Are people who come in and out of your life for long periods of time a part of your 'extended' family?

How do you define family? Is it by loyalty, dedication, and love...or constant devotion, compassion, and co-dependence?

Do you consider your boyfriend or girlfriend a part of your 'family'? Or your best friend? What kind of family do you want for yourself? Can you live without your 'family'?

I've been asking of myself the same question for the last couple of years, and challenging myself to find a healthy answer...why is it so hard to let go of those close to you? Or rather, why is it so hard to let go of those that were once close to you?

Are you subconsciously creating a 'family' out of those people who surround you? And if so, should you ever really let go of them? Even if they are not a part of your life anymore...? Why is having familial people so important? 

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