Friday, August 24, 2012

Adults...or not.

What kinds of qualities do we look for in people? Do we gravitate more towards those that are like us..attuned to our own sense of humor, interests, hobbies, habits, communication styles, past experiences, and intensity?

Or do we gravitate towards those individuals that challenge us, our beliefs, our interests, and consistently engage us in questioning our own convictions?

How do we know what is really and truly good for us? For our future? For our growing sense of so-called 'adulthood'? Are we supposed to carry our past experiences with us, compare/contrast and 'grow'? Or do we find people, close friends and partners, that nourish our comfort levels and abide by what we're 'used to'?

I always tell myself that i want to stay 17 inside and treat everyday life experiences as exciting escapades..with a fully charged heart, taking no prisoners.

Are we supposed to move away from the past and do what is 'right'?

What is the right way of growing up?

1 comment:

  1. I'd change all the "OR" to "AND" to get the formula for growing up :)