Monday, August 27, 2012

Diner En Blanc

1988François Pasquier comes home to Paris after years abroad and decides, "hey, let's all get together and party...celebrate my return!" Pasquier asks his friends to gather at a public space and dress in white to recognize each other. Since then, Pasquier's idea has caught on and cities world-wide (Paris, New York, Amsterdam) celebrate in the same fashion...literally. This year, Chicago celebrates at the Merchandise Mart. Tickets are sold months in advance and the location is kept secret from everyone until the day of the event.
Rules: -wear all white EVERYTHING
          -bring your own table, chairs, chair coverings, tablecloths, LED lights, plates, and of course FOOD
          -bring a fabric napkin for the ceremonial 'twirling of the napkins' (see below)
Result: breathtaking!

Diner en Blanc at the Merchandise Mart 

Ceremonial Twirling of the Napkins

Thank you Zara!

My sissy and I at the event

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