Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"One Who Loves A Lot, Forgives A Lot"

Expect A Miracle. Carolyn Gable posted this inspiring phrase on the gate of her white, Lake Geneva mansion, upon construction in 2008. Gable, a single mother of 7 children, is a life coach and leads annual retreats for single women, struggling to make ends meet for their children. The location, a beautiful white multi-story mansion, surrounded by exquisite landscaping and lush greenery, sits atop the Lake Geneva waterfront hills and is simply breathtaking. Not only does Gable's mansion stand out against the green hills and massive willows down the lake path, but it also offers some words of wisdom...literally. Take a look below...

"Everyone should carefully observe which way his heart draws him, then carefully observe that way with all of his strength"


  1. not to be a cynic but i can't help but wonder how these women pay for such wonderful inspiration retreats...?

    1. This woman Carolyn Gable or the women who go to the retreat? Single women who want to attend retreats are able to attend due to scholarships and donations through Carolyn's foundation. They do not have to pay registration or any other fees. ;)