Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Wear & Why Goodies

Recent additions:

Wear: Triad Bracelet | Bauble Bar
Why: Summer is all about gold bangles and baubles, and BRUNCH!

Wear: Renegade Cluster Bracelet | stella & dot
Why: Can't get enough of this bracelet. It goes with everything! (see below)

My wrist bling.

Wear: Combined Striped Sleeveless | Zara
Why: You're accomplishing two things here - nautical stripes & air space for you bare under arms!

Wear: Nike Sky Hi Dunks | Nordstrom
Why: Obviously they're hot! Let's get real - if you're going to do a wedge sneaker, then you might
as well stick to the basics and get more bang for your buck. JUST DO IT!

Wear: Vince Rolled Neck Tee | Nordstrom
Why: Personally? I'm looking for my plane outfit (Russia soon!) Not personally? Because Vince material
is amazing and this shirt fits in with bi-polar Chicago.

Wear: High Wasted Cut Off Denim | Madewell
Why: High rise denim makes your legs look longer and your torso more fit. They're banging!

Wear: Patent Ballerinas | Zara
Why: At some point in time you, yes YOU, will have to throw out those Tory Burch Revas because you've
worn the patent leather off of them and really you should stop wearing them to work
every single day #Annoying. Spend $30 on these and they'll truly be your WORK shoes. Later - don't suffer the guilt of tossing them. 

Wear: Cleo Midi Ring | My Noma
Why: Buying from a local artist and jewelry maker is a) amazing b) worth your money and c) good for Chicago. Also midi/mid rings are very much IN right now. Get on it sister.

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