Monday, October 28, 2013

Quilted Coat Question

Caught yet again in between the annoying limbo of 37 and 55 degree Chicago weather, I (like others) am forced to make important outerwear choices this month. This year I have opted for the short, lightly quilted down coat...because I refuse to confront the impending doom of sub-zero temperatures. Plus, THAT coat choice can be made in February, when things really heat up.

My Choice, thanks to Saks Fifth Avenue (on sale!)

1.  The North Face | 2. Moncler | 3. Barbour #2 | 4. Nordstrom | 5. Zara | 6. Barbour @ Madewell | 


  1. Thanks for sharing the lovely blog.

  2. Thank you! I Like you post and images which you shared in this blog. All these quilted coats and jackets are looking beautiful.