Monday, November 11, 2013

La Playa.

4 days is too short for a beach vacay. But I indulge nonetheless. As usual, Zara saved most of my wardrobe life for my flight and for my evening dinners and lovely strolls with my wonderful family. Some shots from the mini getaway below :) 

Fedora | Pants (Zara old but want these) | Jacket (Zara old but similar here)

Black Heels | Coral Heels (Zara old, last seen here) | Good 'Ole Chucks 

Modified Swim Wear thanks to Nordstrom | Sunnies

Mommy & I 

Top | Skirt | Coral Heels (Zara old, last seen here)

Clutch (Zara old, last seen here) | Ring | Midi Ring | Ring


Zara Dress (old)

Mommy & I

And finally, after months and months of hard work, I treat myself to THESE BABIES!

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