Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Stylisted

Have you ever been invited to an event and then realized (two days before) that you actually should probably (maybe sorta kinda) get your hair done? Maybe even a little make-up? And then you're left with two options:
 1) Call your go-to hairstylist and see if he/she could squeeze your butt in 
(new years resolution: PLAN AHEAD)
2) Wait, you DON'T HAVE said go-to stylist...where are you supposed to go? Last time I checked,
 blow-outs around town are $$$ !!

Ladies, now there's a lovely THIRD option: enter The Stylisted.
Yesterday, I had the chance to chat with the brilliant and beautiful Julia Carmona of The Stylisted, her and Lauren Katzberg's amazing brainchild. Julia & Lauren - two Booth grads who hail from NY but have devoted their time and energy to launching a business in this amazing city of ours. 

The Low Down
What is it?
An online portal that connects you (the client) to hair and make-up artists (freelancers) to schedule appointments on your time!  The best part? These artists come to YOUR HOME accommodating YOUR calendar. 

How does it work?
Freelancers around the country (an estimated 1.4 million hair and make-up artists nation wide) can apply for free to be listed on The Stylisted. Once an artist applies, he/she goes through a rigorous application process, where they are screened, interviewed, and reviewed. You (the client) registers (for free) on the site, chooses which service you need, and BAM! receives a collection of artists available at any time and day that you need. 

A few things to know:
Clients pay online, and tipping is not included. After your service, go back on the site and give your artist a star rating with a short comment!

And of course, being that they are in the business of beauty, I had to ask Julia & Lauren about their favorite products...selfishly because I hate my dark circles, and not-selfishly because all my girls ask me the same questions:

What are your favorite beauty products?
Julia: NARS red lipstick in Red Lizard, Dior waterproof eyeliner, Clé de Peau concealer
Lauren: Benefit products like the Hulu bronzer

Where do you love to shop in Chicago?
Julia: Luxury Garage Sale, Handle With Care

Cle de Peau Concealer                                                                             NARS Red Lizard

What's better than having someone come to YOU? Head on over and sign up at The Stylisted to get started!

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