Friday, January 24, 2014


Après-ski is French for socializing post-skiing...that is, if you can get skiing down in the first place! Skiing is one of my favorite winter mom taught me how to ski when I was very young, and we try to go every year as a family. I think I've taught most of my closest friends how to ski because I love everything about the experience - the crunch of the powder underneath the blades, the beautiful views from the top of the mountain, the peaceful ride on the lift, and (of course) the GEAR! 

Recently, my mom and I discovered that one of THE BEST outdoor sports wear labels is a line called made in New Zealand, entirely from merino wool. But what makes the brand so amazing is the wear-ability, comfort, texture, and overall WARMTH  that you don't get from most sportswear brands that look this good! I can vouch for Icebreaker keeping me warmer than anything I have every worn...and that's at 4000 feet elevation in Breckenridge, Colorado! Take a look at some of the items here, and check out my perfect ski outfit below!

Skiing in Colorado with my girls & sporting my Icebreaker beanie last year!

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