Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Spring (a.k.a. Birthday) Wish List!

Guess what? Spring is just around the corner! :) But really, who am I kidding...my Birthday is just around the corner too! Aside from all the lovely things I crave for below, two items that have been on my mind non-stop lately are a nice pair of black leather platform booties and an extra cool wool coat. My New York trip is next week and I can't begin to share with you how excited I am! A big part of me wants to plan all of my outfits (and spending habits) on NYC and to be honest I am thinking of ALL BLACK EVERYTHING. Look out for NYC related posts on the blog next week where I'll share what I'm bringing with me and what I hope to buy while I'm there. Happy shopping!

.1 Leopard Flats | .2 Sunnies | .3 Bomber Jacket | .4 Coat | .5 Sweater | .6 Ear Cuffs | .7 Stationary | .8 Ring Bowl | .9 Heels | .10 Clutch