Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Friends! Tomorrow, I will embark on a new adventure to a city I have never stepped foot in...NYC! I can't express enough how unbelievably excited I am - for one, its embarrassing that I've never been there given all the art and fashion and beauty of this magical place, but also because it will be a solo I haven't taken in a few years! A good friend of mine, Katya, once told me that flying and traveling by yourself is good for the soul...removing yourself from the comfort of your habits and replacing that with a few adventurous days in a foreign place. I completely agree! Aside from soul searching and spending quality ME time, I'm of course looking forward to the clothes, the fashion, the street, and the Museums. The focus of my trip is to see the art, but I'm not going to lie...I am so unbelievably excited for the fashion!!! Take a look at a couple of my outfit selections for the trip:

1. Jacket, Sweater, Sunnies, Sneakers, Skirt | 2. Pajama Set, Candle, Book (Dr. Zhivago by Pasternak) | 3. Coat, Shirt, Leggings, Booties | 4. Coat (old, but love this one!), Vest, Boots, Beanie

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