Tuesday, March 4, 2014

.Birthday Suit.

My birthday this year couldn't have been any more special. My lovely family and friends made it such a beautiful occasion and pampered me all weekend! I am so beyond grateful for everyone's generosity and love. My birthday is just a couple of days away from my dear friend Ramina's so we decided to spend it together. Take a look at festivities, ootd's and photos!

Getting my hairs cut with my lovely Heinz @ the Trump's Anthony Cristiano Salon

Brunch thanks to Mrs. Levando @ the Waldorf Astoria Chicago

DIY Hashtag Party!

Make a wish!

My brother Paul spoils me with goodies from Barney's!

 All Zara Everything (except for the heels!) For My Birthday OOTD:

 My BFF. #rideordie

Last Birthday Dinner with my Love: OOTD

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