Thursday, March 13, 2014

.It Makes Scents.

Leather. Geranium. Ambox. Tonka Abs. These are the scents you inhale when you step foot in the Thompson Hotel Chicago. Seduced by the musky combination of these ingredients, you drop your bag and plunge into the deep blue velvet chair in your room. All of a sudden you're knee deep in what looks like a scene from Mad Men....all you need is a glass of scotch and a hefty cigar. This experience, combined with the overall atmosphere of the Thompson, is exactly the type of sensation (literally) 12.29 succeeds at creating through their signature scent for the Thompson Hotel, called 'Velvet'. 12.29, an olfactive branding firm that has partnered with Thompson Hotels, curates scent based on their customer and their target audience; and at the Thompson Chicago, their Velvet scent hits the nail on the head. 

Dawn and Samantha Goldworm, the intelligent, beautiful, and soft spoken twins behind 12.29 visited the Thompson last night, and I was lucky enough to attend their media preview for Velvet. Featured in publications like W Magazine, producing scents for New York Fashion Week shows, and collaborating with companies around the globe, the Goldworm twins know exactly what they're doing when it comes to your olfactory palette. 

During their preview, Dawn explained that our smell is intimately tied to our emotions and once a connection is made, the joined memory in our minds cannot be pulled apart. Think of it like this: if you associate a certain cologne or perfume with a certain individual and that scent evokes a specific emotion, you will never be able to get rid of that smell + emotion = connection since the two are tied in our brain. Dawn explains that this is because our sense of scent is the first sense that begins to operate when we are born...before language and before rationality. Doesn't that all make scents?! Olfactive brand marketing, then, is completely integral in capturing an audience and tying a brand to their memory for the rest of their life. When you walk into the Thompson Chicago and smell Velvet, you will forever intimately associate your experience with that scent...and the next time you smell something like it, your emotion will be immediately evoked. 

After listening to the Goldworms speak to this concept and olfactory marketing, I have to admit I was blown away. How hard must it be to find the perfect scent that makes the most sense for your guests or your customers?! At the Thompson Chicago, 12.29 has done it just right: a sexy, cool, husky, and sophisticated, Velvet scent seduces you at your first step inside. 

[Candle collection by 12.29 featuring their signature scents]

[What makes Velvet?]

[Dawn (left) and Samantha (right) Goldworm of 12.29]

[A lovely evening at the Thompson Chicago]

[Beth of Chic & Glamorous and Yours Truly]


  1. What a great summation of an awesome night! I agree it was scentsational!! Beth

    1. Thanks Beth! So good to see and chat with you last night!!

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