Wednesday, March 12, 2014

.Terrarium Fever.

This past weekend I decided to embark on a DIY journey: homemade terrariums! I've been seeing terrariums everywhere and purchased one for my office desk at a local florist. After bringing the lovely succulent back to my desk I decided, I can make these myself!! I have to tell you - this DIY is super easy! Home Depot made for a wonderful one stop shopping experience for all the necessary ingredients, and the vases I purchased for $1.50 each at a local consignment shop. Take a look at my DIY process below:

What You Will Need:

  • Glass Vessel 
    • I bought mine at a local consignment shop, but you can find them anywhere from Home Goods to Crate and Barrel like this one.
  • Sand (for drainage)
    • You can buy a 50 lb bag of sand at Home Depot or a very small one at Petsmart! I bought mine in black...trying to be more chic over here!
  • Activated Charcoal (for keeping the soil fresh)
    • Home Depot has a cheap option here.
  • Soil
    • This potting mix is inexpensive and not too heavy to carry home if you don't have a car like me!
  • Plants
    • I love Echeverias. In Russian they are called 'stone roses' which I think is beautiful. Home Depot has a few here as well. 
  • Moss (for decoration)
  • Stones (for decoration)
  • Minerals (for decoration)
    • These were a gift from my grandmother, but Asrai Garden in Wicker Park has an amazing collection. They also have a terrarium variety of their own for your inspiration!
First, arrange your ingredients from what should go first to what should go last in the vase. I relied on Sprout Home for my instructions, but in general the process is simple: the sand should typically be at the bottom of the terrarium, making it the first layer. The second layer should be activated charcoal for moisture, and the last should be the soil. Lastly, all of your plants and decorations should cover the top layer of the terrarium. Some people mix all of the layers into one and use a brush to even out the foundation. I like the layered cake look to mine so I kept them this way. Finally, I inserted my plant into the soil and incorporate its roots into the mix so that the plant 'sits' on top of the foundation. I then covered the space with moss, stones, and minerals to decorate the landscape. Remember, terrariums are supposed to be fun, so add whatever type of plants decorations you like!


  • They say you only need to water a terrarium once a week and keep it in relative proximity to light. Nothing too drastic and very low maintenance. I use a spritzer bottle to spritz water once a week on mine!


 [1st: Sand]

[2nd: Charcoal]

[3rd: Soil]


[Last: Plant & Decor]

[Finished Products]

 [Green Thumbs Up!]

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