Friday, April 4, 2014

.Wear & Why Weekend Goodies.

I love to spend the weekend exploring my city. Although everyone says this in passing, Chicago truly DOES have so much to offer...from independent coffee shops that serve the best iced almond milk lattes, to local distilleries tucked away in the factory-laden deserts of the west side, Chicago is full of discoveries. My favorite thing is to pack my weekend with a number of activities, leaving time open only to hop from one bus to another, just to get to where I'm going. There is no excuse not to explore all the nooks and crannies of your environment, as learning is the only way we stimulate our brains and grow as human beings.

This past weekend I visited three very different venues that intersect at my love for coffee, antiques, and a GREAT cocktail! Take a look below and click on the links to take a peek!

In Front of Rhine Hall Distillery 

Heritage Bicycle & Coffee

The best weekends are those spent with the ones we love. 

All photos c/o The Watcher.

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