Monday, June 9, 2014

.Summer Wedding Season.

I've never been to a wedding in the United States. Isn't that crazy?! All of my wedding experiences have been abroad and mostly in Russia for family. Assyrian weddings in Russia are festive, fancy, ceremonious, usually last two days, and the party doesn't stop! In the next couple of months I will be attending two weddings and both outside of Chicago. Next year, I have the honor of being a bridesmaid for one of my best friends, so I am definitely getting excited! Aside from anticipating the big day(s), I am of course anxious to plan my attire! Wedding-attire articles are everywhere and everyone seems to know EXACTLY how to dress for weddings...except for me! I've been keeping an eye out there, trying to carefully match my choices with the two venues for this Summer. One wedding will take place in the southern charm [and heat] of Kentucky, and the other on the east coast, in Baltimore! Some ideas below - take a look!

Dresses: 1. BCBG   2. Ted Baker   3. Naven   4. Ted Baker   5. Diane von Furstenberg   6. Chalk   7. Theia   
8. Naven   9. BCBG   10. BCBG
Clutches: 1. Tory Burch   2. Alexander McQueen   3. Yves Saint Laurent   4. Bottega Veneta   
5. Proenza Schouler   6. Natasha Couture 

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