Thursday, June 26, 2014

.wear and WHY Zara.

Hello friends! I've been thinking lately how often I hear my girlfriends tell me they can't find anything at Zara. That when they walk in, everything looks nice but the fit is usually wrong and they can't seem to find just the right ensemble. I hear this often because more than half of my wardrobe is from, I lie...95% of my clothes are from Zara. And I'm not ashamed of it! So I thought it would help if I peruse the new collection (don't get tempted by the mega SALE that's happening right now!) and pick out a couple of looks for you...that way you know exactly what to look for, the next time you stop in at the heaven that is ZARA. Enjoy and your welcome!

Sunday Brunch: 1. Jean Jacket    2. Dress   3. Slip-On's
Work: 1. Gingham Button Down   2. Black Trousers  3. Ballet Flats
Date Night Look 1: 1. Pajama Blouse   2. Distressed Denim  3. Snake Skin Heels
Date Night Look 2: 1. Striped Shirt  2. Skirt  3. Cage Sandals
Wedding: 1. Coat  2. Shift Dress 3. White Heels

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  1. The SHIFT DRESS! i LOVE it! i just wore something similar to it the other day and posted it on IG.GREAT ENSEMBLES!