Tuesday, September 9, 2014


    (image c/o Glance Technologies)

Do you use Tinder?? 
I still don't understand how you can make a decision about the next person you want to hook-up with date by swiping left or right, purely based on a profile pic! How utterly impulsive?! How material?! Do you only care about looks?! It's like picking clothes off a rack! 

See the beautiful segue there?

Glancebox, a sleek new fashion mobile app, is not so different from Tinder - except you're swiping for clothes - no awkward dinners, no commitments, and the option to buy! 

It's a pretty simple yet addicting concept: log-in to the app using Facebook, go through hundreds of the latest trends in women's fashion from over 50 major brands including Banana Republic, J. Crew, Anthropologie, Coach, and Express. Swipe Right if you like the item or Swipe Left if you don't, and build your 'style profile'!

The cherry on top? 
Based on your 'favorites', GlanceBox creates a personal style quiz that you can share with friends. Do they REALLY know your style???

Download GlanceBox from the App Store and find out more info here.

*This is a sponsored post.

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