Tuesday, October 14, 2014

.Confessions of a Handbag Connoisseur.

I have a confession to make: instead of diligently saving for much more important things (travel, wedding, travel, wedding..did I say travel?), I have been secretly obsessing over saving for my first Céline bag. I figured, if my Grandmother has one, then that's every good reason I should have one too! She is my first style icon, my everything, my measure of class and good taste. SEE?! good reasoning right there.

But then... my rational brain turns on (the 5% that may be there when it comes to fashion), and I figure - no Nika, save money and buy yourself a much more affordable bag. If you are like me, and struggle between the tug of war of SPLURGE vs. STEAL, take a look at some choices for Top Handle bags below - the coveted new trend for the Fall season!

#thestruggleisreal PEOPLE!

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