Tuesday, February 24, 2015

.Bloggers Block.

I have to be honest.
I've been completely, brutally, sadly, depressingly, uninspired lately.
My posts are too far apart.
My writing is suffering.
I'm turning 29 this weekend and I'm stuck rethinking and reevaluating everything.
This blog is one of those things.

And as I sit here, trying to overcome this writer's block, comparing myself to others, and losing all inkling of creativity, I realize something: what is a blog if not a place to share exactly how and what you feel? Isn't that why blogs were created in the first place? Wasn't that the whole purpose of blogs before blogger-product placement, RewardStyle, and Chiara Ferragni?

So here I go: why is this a moment for un-inspiration for me? I don't know...maybe it's the negative 5 degrees Chicago cold, maybe its all the kale I'm eating to fit into that crop top for my birthday ensemble, or maybe that question that everyone always asks (what is the end goal? what do you hope to accomplish?) that finally got to me!

I don't know the exact reason, but I do know why I started Wear & Why in the first place:
because I love to write. That's it - no end game, no profit, no product-placement endorsement that will get me a 'complimentary glass of champagne and light bites'.

Just writing.
And fashion, of course.


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