Wednesday, April 22, 2015

.A Weber Grill Affair.

Last week, Greg and I had the pleasure of enjoying dinner on the new patio of Weber Grill in River North! Dinner-al-fresco season is slowly approaching guys, I promise! I've never actually eaten at Weber before this experience, and I learned a lot from the Chef who was wonderful and made sure to stop by each table and introduce himself. 

Now clearly, as you can see below, the desserts stole my heart...and I know what you're thinking "since when does a grill have amazing dessert?". Chef explained that Weber has really gone beyond the traditional burgers-and-steak experience and have amped up their game in terms of options. I enjoyed  a delicate salmon bursting with flavor and definitely not over-grilled, while Greg had Weber's BBQ Beef Brisket, which was killer juicy. And of course, we couldn't skip dessert: these petite delicacies include everything from s'mores molten chocolate cake, to warm macadamia white chocolate blondies. Can't stop thinking about them!!

Check out the new patio and a great seasonal menu at Weber Grill on 539 N. State Street in downtown Chicago! 

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